We’re sharing six tips for how to turn your new house or apartment into a home.


When moving into a house or apartment, all the blank walls and empty space can make the house feel dreary. Make yourself at home! Change your perspective to see this as your fresh start to create an environment that feels like home. Here are six ideas to help turn this blank pallet into a home:

1. Unpack. Be sure to unpack your belongings as quickly as possible. A good rule of thumb is to go room by room and donate anything for which you don’t have space. 

2. In the kitchen. Use colorful vases and pots to fill with cooking utensils for easy accessibility and simple decor. 

“Change your perspective to see this as your fresh start.”

3. Textiles. Add warmth to any room by incorporating crisp linens and plush rugs. By simply adding curtains or throw blankets a room can feel cozier and inviting.

4. Walls. Take up space on the walls by adding bright artwork and photographs of loved ones. Consider creating your very own gallery wall, a space with various sizes of decor and framed memories. 

5. Outside. Impress your guests with a welcoming walkway leading to your front door. Line the path with motion sensor lights and place flowers and greenery near the doorstep area. Don’t forget to lay a welcome mat! 

6. Guests. When hosting friends light some candles and bake something to welcome them into your new home. 

These tips will help you make lifelong memories in your new home. Note: Some of these tips don’t work for apartment living. 

These tips can also be used to help you stage your home when you’re selling it later. 

If you have further questions about making your house a home or concerning real estate in general, reach out to us by phone or email. We would love to help you!