Here are our seven tips for maintaining your home throughout the winter.


Living in the Southeast, we don’t see especially chilly winters, but it’s critical to know how to take care of your home when those frosty days head our way. By making sure your house is prepped and ready for the frigid fronts coming, you can maintain the value of your home and eliminate the need for costly repairs in the future. These tips will keep your family safe and warm. Here are seven tips to prep your house for winter:

1. Keep your lawn looking healthy. Your lawn will appear vibrant if you rake leaves and use fertilizer. These practices will allow the green grass to bounce back in the springtime. 

2. Clean the gutters. Take the time once a year to clean out the gutters and inspect the roof for any damages.

3. Turn off outdoor plumbing. This protects them from freezing.

4. Prepare your HVAC system. Consider getting your system professionally inspected before the icy weather comes through. 

5. Inspect window and door seals. Ensure the warm air is staying inside and the wintry weather is staying outside. This will help keep your electric bill low! 

6. Lighten up. For the darker winter months, you’ll want to lighten up your home however you can. To accentuate natural light, clean your windows and blinds, especially in the rooms that get a lot of sunlight. 

7. Get a home safety check. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors. An easy way to remember when to change these batteries is when you change your clocks for daylight savings time. 

For all of your home selling and buying needs, reach out to us via phone or email. We would love to help you. Also, in case we don’t speak with you before then, happy New Year!