I purchase three to four homes every month for people interested in selling their homes without going through the hassle of a traditional real estate sale.

How is this possible? Through our immediate buyer program with Titan Home Buyers.

Let’s say you needed to sell your current home without going through the headaches of preparing it for the market, allowing showings, and possibly needing to move across country and time isn’t on your side. What we do in this case is provide a fair written offer to you to analyze and determine whether or not you’re interested in selling your home. We have the ability to work with your existing mortgage or pay cash so you can transition to your next point in life.

“With this program, time is on your side.”

For example, a client of ours named Cynthia recently came to us needing to sell her home in Summerville because her father is elderly and sick and she needs to move in with him in order to take care of him. Instead of facing the prospect of commuting back and forth between the two properties and needing to maintain two separate homes, she called Titan and said she needed to sell her property as quickly as possible. Within 10 days, we were able to pay cash for her house. She was then able to take that money and move in with her father.

Another client of ours—Miss Monteford—came to us as a single mom who worked in the military and had orders to move to Florida by August. She previously listed her house in the traditional manner and even had it under contract, but her buyer had a financing issue that caused the deal to fall through. Despite this, we were able to work with her existing mortgage and help her start the next chapter of her life.

The interesting thing about this program is that time is on your side. We have the ability to close within a few months or a few days—it all depends on you and your situation, and you can stay in the home as long as you desire. We’d be happy to map out a timeline to fit your schedule

If you’re interested in a confidential analysis detailing how we’d be able to make a fair written offer on your home, just reply back to this email. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to help you.