Today, I’m discussing the advantages and disadvantages of new construction and resale properties when buying in Charleston. Whenever we sit down with buyers for initial consultations, they often know whether they want an older or newer home.

If you’re interested in an older home, typically it’ll be in a mature neighborhood with developed trees and larger yard sizes on average. Oftentimes, you’ll notice smaller kitchens and bathrooms compared to new construction developments.

“You have the opportunity to choose your add-ons with new construction properties.”

New construction includes full warranties, but sometimes the yard sizes are smaller and the neighborhoods aren’t fully matured. The surrounding community might still be in construction mode, even though your home has already been built. You have the opportunity to personally choose your add-ons, such as flooring, colors, and other features. Additionally, you have built-in equity to a recently built home; the value increased during construction, even though you’re not making payments.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in the surrounding area, reach out by phone or email. I’d be happy to help answer your questions and serve your local real estate needs!