With all of the holiday noise and Black Friday messages flooding your inbox, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say Happy Thanksgiving from the Jeff Cook Real Estate Team.

I know that I personally am so grateful for my amazing family: My incredible wife, Sarah, my two children, Ava and Jason, and our dog, Johnny.

I’d also like to give you a challenge. It’s very easy to get caught up in everything going on during the hustle and bustle around this time of year, but I’d like you to pick one person you know and one person you don’t know and lift their spirits this Thanksgiving.

“We are better together when we love and encourage one another.”

Not everybody is as fortunate as we are to have a great holiday season, so it’s important to make sure everybody knows that they’re appreciated.

At Jeff Cook Real Estate, this is our mission. This means that my job as the team leader is to empower my team so that we can empower the whole community. We are truly better together when we love one another and encourage each other.

Again, I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Enjoy your time with your friends and family and don’t eat too much turkey!