For our latest testimonial, we’re joined by Susie Shultz. Here’s her story.

Susie has been with us since October 2014, when she moved here from Tennessee. She has a real estate marketing and property management background and has been working in that field for the last 12 years. Since joining us, she’s been able to triple her income.

“Coming from a mediocre career which I was satisfied with, I had no idea the opportunity I could have in real estate,” Susie says. “I have five children, and to be able to provide for them in a way that I’ve never been able to before has been amazing. It’s been completely life-changing for me.”

In her first full year, she sold 25 homes and ended up being named our Rookie of the Year.

“I just did what Jeff told me to do, and it worked for me.”

“I just did what Jeff told me to do, and it worked for me. When I came to Jeff Cook, they surrounded me and encouraged me constantly. I look forward every single day to coming to my office and being around these people, who are so encouraging and uplifting and supportive. That’s absolutely my favorite thing about my company.”

If you’re interviewing with another company, Susie suggests asking them what type of training they provide and how often. What type of lead system do they have? How can they help you grow your business? Also, ask what type of culture they have. When you walk into the office, do you feel like you’re with an encouraging and supportive team?

“I think that you’ll find a lot of these things here at our company, which has empowered me to just grow my business and become more successful. If you’re looking into getting into the real estate business or changing companies, I encourage you to look into Check it out. See what we have to offer. For me, it was life-changing, and I bet it would be for you as well.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Jeff Cook Real Estate Team or you’re interested in joining us, feel free to explore our website or reach out to us by phone or email. I’d be happy to speak with you.